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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer of code!

I found out today that my proposal for Google Summer of Code 2008 has been accepted. This means I will be spending my summer working on netconf, a network configuration management system for Debian. I was so excited to get started that I already had two patches accepted before my application was even accepted :) Here's my full proposal (txt, 7.3k). Here's probably the most useful information from the proposal, my proposed week-by-week timeline:
  1. Before 5/26: Study the current netconf codebase, document and clean up code, write tests, stash away old documentation and code in current repo
  2. Week 1 [5/26]: Implement inet6 /etc/network/interfaces methods
  3. Week 2 [6/1]: Implement inet6/v4tunnel method
  4. Week 3 [6/8]: Design policy system and config format, initial implementation
  5. Week 4 [6/15]: Finish implementing policy system
  6. Week 5 [6/22]: Implement netlink socket listener + events
  7. Week 6 [6/29]: Implement wireless-tools and wpa-supplicant integration
  8. Week 7 [7/6]: Continue implementing wireless-tools and wpa-supplicant integration
  9. Week 8 [7/13]: Mid-term GSoC reviews; At this point, we should be very close to 1.0. The time that follows should be used as buffer space for things that may end up taking longer than estimated. Assuming a perfect world, full moon, and star alignment, the following weeks will be used to implement optional fun features.
  10. Week 9 [7/20]: Implement LinkLocal integration
  11. Week 10 [7/27]: Implement Additional DHCP options, http_proxy options
  12. Week 11 [8/3]: Implement ppp/wvdial functionality [Martin has offered to supply the hardware if necessary]
  13. Week 12 [8/10]: Run through the TODO [3] and implement minor leftover features
  14. Week 13 [8/17]: GSoC 2008 ends; have a beer :)
  15. After week 13: Continue to work with the netconf team to get 1.0 out the door; begin work on next challenges
I'll keep this blog updated with my progress, covering both my successes and failures.

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