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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I fixed the rest of the bugs that I know about for lnlink now. The latest changes are now merged with the stable version so there is no longer a "beta" lnlink.

I want to make a screencast to show off the functionality, and I also want to start thinking about putting this into a Firefox extension. The next thing that I think would be pretty neat is to have some sort of autocompletion when you're typing a localname. Also, it would be cool if this could happen in the location bar, too. I think this is actually pretty important in furthering the adoption of LocalNames, because most people have a hard time with memory and can't always remember exactly what they name a page. I know that I for one have difficulty remembering them.

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Lion Kimbro said...

Jonathan, these are really amazing things you're writing and making. We should talk by phone relatively soon.