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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The custom parameter that should have already been in .NET 2.0

I don't know why, but there's no DataSource parameter for member variables of the page. So, you can't choose one of your variables, like Page.Cow to be passed to a DataSourceControl. I went ahead and implemented one. Since there's no easy way that I've seen so far to paste code into a blog post on Blogger, I've just uploaded it to pastebin. This works for the situation I'm in right now, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I hiccuped on a few of those Reflection types - Field, Member, Property, what's the difference? :) I should really read the Reflection documentation, but trying stuff until it works in QuickWatch is so much easier... Which reminds me, anyone know why I can't see variables declared inside an If block?

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